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My Mother's Day Memoires of You  / Mom   Read >>
My Mother's Day Memoires of You  / Mom
Dear Leon A day I remember with a chuckle and a big smile. I can see you walking up the driveway with your specials (wrap in foil) vase, with flowers you picked along the way. Sitting on the counter for a cup of coffee. Sometimes you'd have my favorite pastry "long john" , lol, Tubal roses in a bowl, Gardinias in a soda can. You always knew me best. Its the thought that count, even Just a great big hug from you, knowing when I needed it. Always!! Then you'd go home to help Brandon prepare his mother's day for Hillary. You were always so thoughtful. Always thought, think with your heart. How I miss those days with you. But I am blessed that I've shared those days of mother and son. And I will never forget them. So yes, "Happy Mother's Day" I will have a happy mother's day with the memories & loved we've shared of together in a short time. Love mom Close
A Day of Blessings  / Mom   Read >>
A Day of Blessings  / Mom
Dear Leon Your little brother JR got married 5/08/17 to a beautiful, smart, loving, just an all around beautiful being. The ceremony was at an ocean side and I envision you in a cloud looking from afar with a smile. I saw you standing around with all your brothers as the photographer asked to take pictures with all of his brothers, you were standing beside them. I thought of you enjoying the family as we gather for the reception. I saw you look, of a proud father as your sons, Brandon & Liam walk in to hug their uncle Jr and aunt Chelsey to congratulate them. They're growing up so fast and so handsome. Hillary did a great job raising the boys. Another chapter has begun in our journey of life. I think of the "footsteps in the sand" where there is only 1 set of footstep imprinted in the sand because Jesus carries us, but with you your right there with us. I love you Lee....Mom Close
Our son is 17 today.  / Hillary Leasure (Wife)  Read >>
Our son is 17 today.  / Hillary Leasure (Wife)
Its been a while, sometimes I still try to hide the pain of doing this without you. So silly of me but I am only human. Brandon is so amazing!my God how I wish he would have had you longer. There must be such an amazing reason that we had to this without you. I stopped trying to figure it out, life would bury me while I thought and cried over missing you in so many ways. If time is a healer I guess pain is just a part of life. Thank you so much for loving me. Thank you so much for Brandon. Thank you God for letting us meet in this world to breathe Brandon to life. There are no words that can express how much I miss you and how much I still love you. Happy Birthday to our son. I love you. Close
A moment of Love  / Mom   Read >>
A moment of Love  / Mom
Dearest Leon, Its funny how songs bring such strong memories of you. I remember exactly what was happening that day when I heard you play those songs. Everyone is doing okay, of course you knew that because your our guardian angel. I know you are watching over all your brothers and sisters, especially Brandon, Liam and Hillary. Your brothers miss you a lot. Can't help but wonder how different life would be if you were still here with us. I sometimes think I am still dreaming and I will wake up and you'd be here having coffee with me again. I guess a mother's love never dies. It just live in memories of love lost. I am trying to take care of my health so I can live a long life for the grandkids and now great grandkids. I celebrate life, I am thankful for the love and time we had together. I cherish every memories of you. Mom Close
Guilt free  / Mom   Read >>
Guilt free  / Mom
Dear Leon I had a very troubled day. Mothering is not easy, especially when it comes to your children I cannot take the guilt anymore. I have nothing to be guilty of but this one put it upon me. Either not doing enough or not giving enough. I need to be strong and say what I feel. I cannot take it. It's not my fault I know this. I need to be strong and tell it like it is. I say by September is more than enough time. Please Leon help me ❤️ Close
Memories Never to be forgotten  / Mom   Read >>
Memories Never to be forgotten  / Mom
It is the 8th year my son. All I have of you are memories never to be forgotten and love that will never cease. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. I see you in the sunrises and feel your love in the sunsets. I see you amounts the stars, the moon, the heavens. I hear you in the wind, the oceans and sometimes in a whisper. I cling to the memory of your face and the sound of your voice. My unforgiving heart has healed through the grace of our Lord. Mercy and grace he has given unto me. As I lay you down to rest, I pray you be at peace and know that all is well. I will always be bonded to you my son. I thank God for blessing me with you, an honor he bestowed upon me as your mother. A gift from God that I will treasure forever. Shalom! Peace be with my son. I love Close
LETTING GO?  / MOM   Read >>
People say "its time to let go" Let go? Love is forever, never forgotten. The world have their monuments to remember and keep memory of them alive. They force the memory so we won't forget. I lost you son, and my monument is your love, the memory is the love we shared. We were blessed to be loved by you. A mother will never stop loving their child(ren) A mom's unconditional love is a love made in heaven. I now share our love heavenly. I will always love you and I still today acknowledge your love on earth and in heaven. I love you Lee yesterday, today and forever. MOM Close
MOMents / Mom   Read >>
MOMents / Mom
Its getting close to that day of happy memories. The day of your birth. I can still see your cute baby face as I cuddled you up to my nose to smell the first breath of life. Looking at your little hands as your fingers wrapped around my finger. Kissing your little fingers. Hearing your coos and your first cry. Tenderly stroking your cheeks. Whispering "hello little guy, its me your mommy, I love you and I'll always be here for you" welcome to life. I remember the MOMent I watch you take your first step. You were such a clumsy lil boy. But you wouldn't cry, just got up and tried again. Your first love, your first heartbreak. Those were the hard ones. I heard you crying in the darkness, as I hugged you it broke my heart to see you cry because of love denied you when you had so much love to give. MOMents when you found that love. MOMents of your children being born. The tears of joy as I watched you cuddle them up to you and say "Hello little guy, its me your daddy, I love you, you know I'll always be here for you". At that MOMent unconditional and a never ending love has bonded. Intertwined hearts and soul between a father and a love that can never be taken away. MOMent when you look at me for the last time and I cuddled you up to me and said "don't worry I'm always be here" never thinking you wouldn't be here with me.Now a emptiness that only you could fill has become a part of me. But I will always remember all the MOMent The MOMents I will never forget. I love you Leon and I know you are always there. Close
A Mother's Thought  / Mom   Read >>
A Mother's Thought  / Mom
Dear Leon, I have a friend whose son had just pass. He was 23. I thought I could comfort her in her time of great (I mean great) despair. I thought I was strong enough to at least be there for her. I thought I was cried out. I thought my heart was healed from the brokeness of losing you. I thought I am but I'm not. I couldn't even hug her, I couldn't even speak, I couldn't even comfort her. I thought of her and all the pain, brokeness, emptiness, that great heartache. All my thoughts bought me back to yesterday. I think of you and I thought I could. Instead we embraced and just cried with each other. She said I miss him so I said you will, she said I feel so lost I said you are, She said I feel nothing I said you won't. She said we loved each other so much I said that's the greater loss. Love Mom Close
Quiet time  / Mom   Read >>
Quiet time  / Mom
Hey Son, I know I don't have to tell you what's going on. Because you are here in spirit and watching over us. Brandon & Liam are doing so well. Both made the highest test scores in their grade level. Hillary is an awesome mom. Intelligence run in your family. I pray for them daily. I remember that talk we had in the hospital. I will be there for them Lee. You and I know they will be taken care of always. Your sister is doing great. Thank you for walking beside her in the hard times. I know she thinks of you often especially during her chemo. I am so sorry Lee for not being with you in those dark moments. I never thought of how lonely those times were for you. Your strength and courage to overcome blinded me through your hard times. I wish I knew then what I know now. But God's plan never prepared me then. Regrets are feelings of defeat, can't let that be. Your joy of love will always be remembered and continue in our hearts. You are in green pastures my son, rest now, and be at peace. I love Close
The Road to forgiveness  / Mom (Mom)  Read >>
The Road to forgiveness  / Mom (Mom)
There is no veil with God's love together we cannot lift. Let the way to truth be open. As I leave judgement up to God. I ask for forgiveness. I forgive myself and let the holy spirit fill me. I ask for your forgiveness if I have sinned against you. Lord forgive me for all my trespasses as I have trespassed against others.
Remebering / Johnathan Leasure (Brother)  Read >>
Remebering / Johnathan Leasure (Brother)
Four years have gone by Lee and I still have visions about the day you left us. I miss you in every way possible and love you with all my heart. With every year there comes different pain and guilt for not spending as much time as I did with you. I can only hope one day we will meet again and I will tell you eveything I have wanted to tell you. But for now I wait and hurt when I think about how much pain you were in and I didnt do enough to comfort you. I feel I didnt do the right things to protect you from harms way and I lost the battle. I love you and hope you can forgive me.The boys are getting big and I miss them very much I have moved and cant see them as much as I do but I know you are watching over them. I wish My son Zeke could meet his Uncle Leon he just loves to be around family kinda like you did...I can only hope both my boys grow up to be just like you. Well I just wanted to say I miss & love you very much... Till we meet again my brother! Close
So much to tell you.....  / Johnathan Leasure (Brother)  Read >>
So much to tell you.....  / Johnathan Leasure (Brother)


so much things have happened since you have been gone so many things I have longed to tell you since you've gone. I have my good days and I have my bad days the bad ones are really hard when I ponder and think about you all day. The times we spent together in our childhood brings tears to my eyes. All the times playing football in the front yard ninjas in the forrest and all the characters we used to mimic. I feel pain when I think of all those times not being there for you and all the times not spent with you. I feel I have bits and pieces of my life missing and I think those were meant for you. You have a new nephew and we named him Ezekiel Leon Leasure he looks so much like you when you were a baby. He would love you so much! Kaimana is beggining to become an adult and I can only hope he has your attributes on being a wonderfull and loving person. Your neice Kiare is a handfull and wished you were here to give her some of your words of wisdom. As for me lifes a blur and will never be complete without you. I miss having conversations and reminicing about past times with you and those memories are all I have going forward. I love and cherish them with all my heart I love and miss you my brother........Till we meet again.

Still...... / Malia Leonard (Baby Cousin )  Read >>
Still...... / Malia Leonard (Baby Cousin )

Hello Lee....Been a while since I wrote. I visit here EVERY day. Seems really awkward still that you even have one of these "memorials" to come to. Its been almost three years and I swear It still feels like yesterday. Hurts just the same as it did then. I've given up better days a long time ago. It just doesn't get better. There have been a few nights that you came to visit me and I felt better for that split second. Then Poof....I awaken! I go about my day and cherish those around me now and then I can smile. But then I'm reminded that you are not here. And I go on with the life that i've been given and enjoy what IS here.

There are other things that put smiles across my face when I think of you......Like I remember how we used to share that room in the corner of the house  when I moved in with yall for a while. That room seemed so huge back then. We kept it such a mess too. *smile* I remember how I would try to go with you all the time jus to watch you guys skate Pahoa. Member going 2 my moms for the weekend and making that home-made "spooky" movie. And you picking at me cuz I flipped my hair so much on that video. Or how bout that time when the cops thought U kidnapped me and they didn't believe we were cousins. So many things that put smiles across my face and to tell my Kids. So many stories to tell.  I tell them all kinds of stories. And they always look at me afterwards cuz I'm usually in tears when I'm finished.

Everytime I think of how much of you I missed. I want so bad to move home. I don't want to feel that way about anyone else ever again. It was nice to visit home but I still can not bear the feeling that I missed out on anymore OHANA time!!!!  I try not to think about that too much but that is sooooo much so a fear of mine. I want to be there for everybody's EVERYTHING. I feel like I dont want to miss a thing. I thank the Lord that I got to see most of my Ohana on this last visit but I still fear that that is not enough! I missed way to much of you and did not get to say soooo much. That haunts me all the time. I think of all the "extra" time I had to just call. I know my brother's get irratated sometimes cuz now I will jus call just to hear their voices. Even if I don't have anything new to say I just want to hear voices. I still feel sometimes that's not enough! I want to be there to see all my brothers and cousins be mommy's and daddy's. Because I missed that part of you!!!

Bottom line is Lee I don't care how redundant it seems I WISH YOU WERE HERE!!! I wish I did not have to hug you in my dreams! I wish you were here! I wish you were here! I wish you were here!

I love and miss you Cousin!!!!!

love never dies  / Hillary Leasure   Read >>
love never dies  / Hillary Leasure
hello my dear friend and love though not lost it has been awhile since i've written you but not since we've talked.  Thank you for the conversation during my morning walks at the park thanks for riding in the car with me and listening to my problems not even the white has faded from the teeth in your smile and your smell still lingers with me all the while.  It seems that time has stolen my heart not true though I wish it was it seems Ive changed my path maybe a dozen times each time getting draagged right back to the starting line.  And though sometimes I hang my head and cry I remember what we would have wanted. thank you for leading me through the tough decisions.  the gift you have given will not be forgotten and the little moments will still be treasure not to be wasted on guilt and regret but for feeling the sun from both sides and rising to face new days with you in every thought . bringing you with me and the boys never to stop.  i have brought new life into the world and even in all its amazing splendor it does not dent what your loss has hindered.  I may cry and though I know better sometimes I still want to scream why? but thoughts are real and Im thinking of you through the days and in that sense you are really here always. I love you. But you already know that. Close
Missing you....  / Johnny Leasure (Brother)  Read >>
Missing you....  / Johnny Leasure (Brother)

Lee, always have a hard time come July 9. wish you were here so I could hold you and wish you a Happy Birthday. Been going to church to find some answers about why things happen the way they do. I will never find peace of mind or the comfort I need to move on and will always hold you close to my heart. But, Iam getting to know the lord again and know you are by his side looking down on us and blessing us with your love. I just miss you and love you always.... Till we meet again my brother.    John


Another year..  / Ben Oclaray (Cousin)  Read >>
Another year..  / Ben Oclaray (Cousin)
Hey Lee, Just can't believe it's been 2 years. I hope everything is ok where you are. I miss you. Til we meet again, Lee.. I love you.. Ben Close
They have no idea.....  / Malia Leonard (Baby Cousin )  Read >>
They have no idea.....  / Malia Leonard (Baby Cousin )

I mean those people who were trying to offer there condolences. I know that people mean well to say "things happen for a reason", or "he's in a better place now", and even "give it time, and the hurt will pass".......What?...I figure that those people just have NO IDEA what kind of family we are. Lee, you wouldn't believe the families that I encounter that make me tilt my head in disbelief. I dont understand the way they operate. Only because our family is sooooo different. I can't remember a time in my childhood where there was strife or discontentment. I remember the bond of this family, the togetherness, the unconditional LOVE. So i say that to ask, what are these people talking about?, the hurt does not pass! The pain does not go away. I have only learned how to put on a smile for others while inside I hurt. I've mastered the art of masking the pain from others. But I know, inside, I hurt, and I know, the rest of our family does as well.  I get through the day by memories, and sometimes I see you in my dreams, and the day after is a somewhat numb one. I have faced others in the loss of their family members only to be reminded of this family's loss. It feels  like a permanent flaw has marked this family with the loss of you. And daily I try to cope in a way better than the day before, but It is a battle.  In the core of me  is a piece of me that has been flawed forever. 

I miss you so Lee. I know that I have to live life here on earth before we meet again, so  EVERYDAY that goes by, is One more day closer to being in your presence. I will live this life , I will love this life, and what I have taken from this is that we live everyday as if it was our last. Make memories, many memories to leave as a legacy for those we leave behind as that is what will keep them sane........

I love you Lee

A year later...  / Ben Oclaray (Cousin)  Read >>
A year later...  / Ben Oclaray (Cousin)
Wow.. I can't believe a whole year went by since I last saw you. So much has changed since then, I don't even know where to begin. I always hear people say, "Things happen for a reason". They always say that when something bad happens. I, sometimes get a little irritated when I hear that because I'm like, "Yeah and what reason is that?" In the moment, you can't see the bigger picture, it's like trying to put together a puzzle without the box to help you. I know there is a reason why you left us, slowly, as the years pass on, we a get a little piece of the puzzle to put together to get that reason. In today's world of instant gratification, that can seem like an eternity. I made a solemn promise at your funeral, to never take a day for granted. To tell those all around me, friends and family, that I love them. To give to those who need it more than me. To let go of all those fears that hold me back. A little piece of that puzzle i can see now. Without your passing, I wouldn't have the courage to do that. Leon, I can never put into words the impact all this has had on me. I find myself, sometimes, wishing I could talk to God and ask him why he took you. That I could ask him to give you back even, for a day. So I can tell you how much I love you. We all miss you back here, Leon. Until we meet again... Close
Missing You  / Johnny Leasure (Brother)  Read >>
Missing You  / Johnny Leasure (Brother)

I miss you everyday that goes by, and its never going to get better until we meet again. I cry for all the times I missed being with you and wish I could have just one day to hold you and let you know how much I love you. I sometimes blame God for taking you and get very frustrated, but just thinking of you and he way you lived life keeps me humble...I will always be there for you and If you need me just come to me. I love and miss you Leon....Till we meet again. Johnny

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